Product Name : CNC BANDSAW
            Product No : CK-CBS-020
            Designed for accurate and efficient curve cutting.
            As there is an increasing demand for CNC Band Saw in combination with customized products with flexible specifications, this machine is specially designed to suit specific production requirements. In addition, to meet mass production requirement, this machine is equipped with automatic material infeed and automatic product outfeed using a conveyor belt.
            • Advanced CNC control features powerful function and easy operation.
            • High efficiency curve cutting without need of copy template.
            • Band blade swiveling angle: ±90?.
            • Automatic material infeed system combined with automatic product outfeed system to achieve fully automatic cutting operations.
            • All travels are driven by servo motors combined with the use of linear guide ways.
            • Aluminum alloy automatic feeding mechanism features light weight, maximum durability and elegance.
            • Rugged machine construction exhibits outstanding stability.
            • Various automatic material infeed systems to choose from.
            • Material infeed calibration device allows higher accuracy of product.
            Cutting capacity Maximum sizes of cut 320 x 55 x 150 mm
            Cutting angle +90? / -90?
            Band sawblade sizes 5900 x 12.7 x 0.8 mm
            Saw wheel diameter 890 mm
            Saw wheel speed 750 rpm
            Sawblade speed 2000 MT/min
            Spindle X-axis feed speed 0/70 MT/min
            Y-axis feed speed 0/20 MT/min
            Motor X-axis 3 kw
            Y-axis 1 kw
            C-axis 0.4 kw
            Band sawblade motor 15 HP
            Conveyor motor 0.37 kw
            Total horsepower 16.4 kw (21.9 HP)
            Others Dust hood outlet diameter 100 mm x 2
            Working air pressure 6 kg/cm²
            Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 5550 x 2350 x 2600mm
            Outfeed conveyor 1 set
            Net weight / Gross weight 3400 kg / 3800 kg
            Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms....etc.
            To improve the performance of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown as above are just for reference.