Product Name : 3 Axis CNC Machine 2ATC
            Product No : RO-203ATC-L
            Application : Furniture , Doors, Cabinet & 3D Board
            Materials : Hard Wood, Soft Wood , Plywood & MDF

            • High productivity, save time and cost, depending on customer needs, single-head or multi-processing options.
            • Sturdy design, stable operation of the machine to make the product high precision.
            • Ball screw, with a linear slide, adjust the width of the rapid positioning accuracy.
            • High suction vacuum fixed work item (optional)
            • High horsepower dust collection (optional)
            SPINDLE No. of Spindles 2
            Speed 1,000 ~ 20,000 r.p.m.
            Spindle Lub. Grease
            TABLE SIZE 4’×8’ or 5’×10’ 4’×8’ 5’×10’
            AXES TRAVEL Horizontal 
            2540mm 3140mm
            1320mm 1620mm
            200mm 200mm
            MAX. FEED SPEED X, Y Axes 32 M/min.
            Z Axis 9 M/min.
            TOOLS Tool Holder Type ISO-30
            No. of Tools Per Spindle 6
            MOTOR Main Spindle 10.5HP×2
            Vacuum Pump 7.5HP×1
            VACUUM PUMP Capacity 50HZ : 250M3/H,  60HZ : 300M3/H
            AIR PRESSURE   6 kg/cm2
            DIMENSIONS Floor Space Required (mm) 5200×3300 6000×3700
            Height (mm) 2850 2850
            Weight (kgs) 7500 9000
            CNC SYSTEM Fanuc or Mitsubishi Fanuc or Mitsubishi
            • Precision ballscrews, guide rail, block : Germany(Rexroth, Bosch Group)
            • Z-Axis: Precision ballscrews (Germany)
            • Frequency inverter : Sanken, Japan
            • Z-axis electric brake : Shinko, Japan
            • Vacuum pump : Becker, Germany
            • Spindle: HSD, Italy